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News and events of the last three months

Briefly about main events for the last 3 months

Orphanages «Agape» and «Children of the Light»

In March our children’s home Agape turned 3 years! It’s Just hard to express the feelings of joy experienced during the holiday, looking at the children, their worship, their testimonies, jokes, their transformation and maturing.

In April, all our children from three orphanages and children from the school who attended our Christian club “Awana” left by bus to the camp in Pokhara (it’s a beautiful town in 200 km from Kathmandu, which attracts many foreign tourists, because hiking trails are located here along the ridge of Annapurna. Allso, a large number of Nepalis travel to Pokhara for holidays near the beautiful lake surrounded by hills, behind which snowy peaks of the Annapurna mountain rise). It was an extraordinary time for children away from air pollution, dust, cars. Children were involved in games from morning to night, singing, dancing, modeling, team games, sports and service in the mornings and evenings, in which we all worshipped and glorified our God! Thanks to all who organized this wonderful camp, who prayed and sacrificed finances, time and effort! (team from Russia and Belarus). After the camp, we saw that many children were changed in a positive way, desiring to know more about God!

In May and June, in addition to that all children passed to a higher grade at school, and have already passed the quarter-examination, they can get together again with all children’s homes. Thank God, and thanks to the team, who came to us (from Ukraine), for this opportunity to serve our children, and finally, to gather them all together for games, socializing and of course, a special thank you for the delicious fried sausages!

Every day spent with children was filled with a wide variety of activities: checking hometask, serious discussions about discipline and obedience, Bible verses learnt by heart, worship time and first sermons in the evening meetings, music lessons, reading literature, painting, football, board games, blind computer typing, woodwork and airbrush, and much much more.
We’ve got a new boy named Ashish in the “Agape” house (his name means “blessing”)!
This “blessing” was found at the street next to a pagan temple. He was thrown away as an unnecessary thing. He was found and picked up by an employee of our brothers’ Slava and Andrey hotel «Life story». But that employee could not look after Ashish for a long time, and had to stay in a hotel with him for a while. After that we took him. At the moment we are occupied with documents for the kid, including a birth certificate (his mother, who now has a new family, didn’t even bother to register her child and make documents for him).
In our children’s home he quickly made friends with our younger boys: Beejay, Kisor and David. Of course, it is still difficult for him to get used to the discipline and daily routine, rules of behavior, going to school, etc. He lives with Beejay and Kisor in the same room, and he quickly began to obey Sanoj (our eldest 14 years old boy). The school supervisors are still complaining about his behavior, constant fights with the kids and disobedience. During his first days at the children’s home, he even tried to escape couple of times, but now we see that Ashish is getting used to the new family, and it is already possible to see those small changes that occur in it, as God warms him with His love through love and acceptance in his new family. We believe that this boy is a huge blessing for us and for His Kingdom!

Orphanage “Grace”

Life of our children’s home is made up of ordinary everyday routines, just like in any ordinary family. Every new day is similar to the previous one. And sometimes you can predict upcoming events. But if you look closely, you can see how God is doing every day something new. And it is not always some kind of special event, but on the contrary, it is something that is sometimes hardly noticeable, something that looks familiar. But out of these small strokes God paints a perfect picture of our lives. Someone wrote a beautiful letter, someone learnt a new word, someone drew a sun, and someone had his tooth fallen out (so now we can forget about “s” sound for two months), someone was punished for disobedience. .. All this is an ocean of emotions and experiences.
Earlier this month, we had a wonderful team from Kerch. Fragile but very brave sisters painted the walls in the hallway and dining room, and strong and skilled brothers built a sandbox. The team organized and held a meeting for all three orphanages with games and tasty meals.

There are problems with obedience of older children. It is a question of adolescence plus education, or lack of it. It’s always hard to build something new on the old and wrong base. But we believe that God has a special plan for each child, and His Holy Spirit works in the hearts and souls of children, transforming them with His power and love. All things are possible for God.

Fourth orphanage

July 5, 2012 we moved to Nepal. To start something new in a new place is hard, but very exciting. But to start children’s homes without enough finances with the new not yet trustworthy local ministers is not just an exciting event, but very nervous. But faith in trusting God for us is born precisely in such circumstances. “One new children’s home every year” is the vision that disciplines us, encourages us, pushes for greater hope, and blesses us from the inside! So now is 2016, it’s time to expand the kingdom of God on another 20 children who will find a Christian family! We have already rent a house, now we are setting things in order and making some repairs. We started buying all the necessary things for a normal life and functioning of the children’s home. What is important is that we have a director – sister Tatyana (Russia, Kazan), who had to leave her ministry in India (due to the events in January in India, but we believe that God is able to make good even out of bad). There is a need in a local family and a cook, and monthly expenses are not covered as well. But we have already had situations like this, so we are praying and waiting for God’s new financial “wells” for these 20 children!