Main goals for organizing children homes in countries of Window 10/40:

1. Social help to orphans and semi-orphans: to provide them with proper accommodation, care, food, education and medical help.

2. Spiritual help: to bring children up in Christian surrounding

3. Education: to provide basic education at a state school or alternative opportunities

4. Facilitate in entering Christian collage or Professional Collage after reaching legal adulthood.

Working in this part of the world, we understand that the ministry here is inevitably connected with providing help to vulnerable social group. After fasting and praying God has showed us our part, which is opening children homes in countries of Window 10/40: India, Nepal, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Butan, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Tibetan region. In 2008 we opened the first Children home  and in 2011 the second  Children home in  India. Part of kids was taken from Orissa state which suffered from persecution against Christians, the rest of children came from villages around Delhi. We continue opening new Children homes in India and in Nepal, showing God faithfulness to his calling.

“Children of slams”

We launched the project “Children of slams” on December, 25, 2011. The district called Popura is inhabited by the refugees from Bangladesh and job-seekers from different states of India and is located close to a huge landfill, where people from surrounding areas can work. Instead of attending school children sort big packets. They rent small “warehouses” (four sticks and a plastic roof) and put there sorted trash. A 4-5-year-old is an experienced worker for this job. Two or three years ago we visited that place, prayed and talked to people. At that time we did not have experience how to start ministry there, but we often remembered the place in our prayers and kept thinking how we could help the people there. God stepped forward. Some brothers from Ukraine, Germany and the USA visited the place in the middle of December 2011 and after the prayer they decided to support financially the project “Children of slums”. We bought equipment, rented a building, bought some food and other things. There is a small Christian church in the neighborhood now, so we do not only provide social help for children, but our goal is enlargement of a local church and planting of new ones. Pastor Ravi and his wife Lucky agreed to help us to change the situation and life style for the first 25 kids, who started attending “Care Centre” opened on December 25. These children are not orphans; however their parents cannot provide proper care and food for them. They make their kids work the whole day at the landfill. The Pastor talked to the families of these kids and parents agreed to release them for getting education and proper care. The children who come to the “Care Centre” are taught ABC, reading and writing in Hindi, besides that they get lunch and dinner. But the most important, children have a chance to listen to stories from the Bible. We believe that the lives of these kids will not stay the same. God is using this opportunity to touch their hearts and their lives will be transformed by the truth. We need people who would be able to come for a certain period of time to teach some skills that would help children in life and share spiritual blessings for their faith growth. We need people who could pray for this ministry. We need people who would be able to arrange a camp for 2 weeks outside the landfill. We need people who would take responsibility for 1 or 2 children and help them with education and obtaining some profession. We need people who together with us would do impossible possible for 30 new kids and open a new “Care Centre”.